Putting you back in control of your career

  • When was the last time you updated your CV?
  • Do you maintain multiple versions of your CV for different industries and/or skills?
  • Do you have recruitment agencies constantly hounding you with irrelevant opportunities?
  • Do you backup your CV files, just in case?

CVsite is being built for you!

What you get

When you register with CVsite you get four key features.

  • A flexible CV creation and management system
  • A personal website where you can display any number of CVs (
  • An email alias with fine-grained controls (
  • A telephone number that you can forward to any landline or mobile phone in the UK with complete control

With these features in your toolkit you can easily create, maintain and publish any number of CVs and control your availability via email and phone.

Three steps to success

CVsite aims to simplify the process of building and managing your CVs. We do this through a simple three-step process.


  • Create the pieces of content that make up your CV
  • Each piece can be as structured as you want
  • With support for everything from free-form text to detailed education and employment blocks, you can make your CV as structured as you need.


  • Arrange the content blocks you created in step one to build one or more complete CVs
  • Add section headings as necessary
  • Choose a style from our extensive template library


  • Mark the CVs you created in step two as either public or private
  • Choose one CV as the default shown on your personalised CV site
  • Create time-limited passwords for private CVs, giving you control over who can access them and for how long

Sounds cool, I'm in!

CVsite is currently running a private alpha, but as we get closer to our public launch we will be looking for beta testers to help us iron out the last few bugs. Give us your email address if you'd like to get involved, or simply want to be kept up-to-date with our progress.

We promise we won't use your email address for any other purpose, and we definitely won't share it!

Who's behind this?

CVsite is a project by 3ft9 Ltd and grew out of an increasing level of frustration with recruitment agencies, both as a candidate and then as an employer.

The core drivers were the desire to regain control over the agencies' ability to contact us, and to simplify the process of creating and maintaining CVs.

With a focus on flexible simplicity we're confident that we've built a solid platform that you can trust to provide a home for your CV.